Friday, September 5, 2008

Just call me a slacker...

I could say something about how I'm really behind on updating the blog, except that everyone reading this has probably figured that out by now, so instead I'll just push right on to the part where I actually tell you all what's been going on!

Going through the photos that have just been uploaded to our flickr site, I realize that I don't have a good "outside" shot. So you'll just have to imagine for yourselves, the lovely siding (grey, it's the new beige) and the fancy shmancy porch railing. (if you click through to flickr you can check out a gratuitous amount of new baby pictures).

But the really exciting stuff has been going on inside:

Look! Insulation.No, not that kind of insulation, that was the "bad" kind. The kind you could still feel in your armpits and behind your ears after taking three showers.

I'm talking about the "good" kind of insulation.
And look! Drywall!

Freaky man. I have a bathtub, in a bathroom...with...walls. Whoa.

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