Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I feel weird saying that the house is done...there are definitely things that aren't finished. There are no drawers in the kitchen yet, for example, and we have yet to hang the closet rods, but essentially: It's done. We are starting to move, so it's as done as it needs to be.

Isis and a friend and I went over today to wash the construction gunk off of the windows. The odd thing about being in the new space is that the views from the windows are all different than they used to be. Especially on the second floor, where we only had East and West windows, now we have North and South as well, and can see...into the neighbor's house. Yes, there are pictures. As always there are more pictures on Flickr, but here are a few...mostly of the kitchen, because there's the most to see in the kitchen, but also because I love my kitchen. I really really hated my old kitchen, and I really really love my new kitchen, so you're just going to have to look at it...
First of all, the lovely countertops, which have now been ground down a bit and sealed. Aren't they pretty?
My pantry (notice how I refer to the house as ours and the kitchen and everything in it as mine...yeah) which I refer to as the paleolithic pantry, because doesn't it look like the pantry that Stonehenge would have if Stonehenge had a pantry? Also in this picture our dishwasher (ours on that one, not mine...hmmm). I have never actually had a dishwasher before. Never. And I have to say that I'm pretty durn excited about it.

From the living/entry area through the kitchen to the backdoor. I kind of like that you can see the backdoor from the front door. In the summertime we divide our time between the front and back porches, so this really feels like it extends the living space. The roundish thing in the foreground is a bar height counter top, which will have stools by it eventually.

I think this one sort of speaks for itself. I mean, what's a kitchen without a sink?
Both a venthood and a potrack. One thing that I need, and one that I've always wanted. We left the middle shelf out of the cabinets under the window so that Pete could play in them. I figure I won't really be able to store anything there until he's older anyway, so why fight it. Incidentally we aren't planning on putting doors on the cupboards. I like open shelves in kitchens. We will have drawers though.
And from the backdoor...look we even have a couple of refrigerator magnet.s The person who isn't Pete is Trevor, who (along with Eli) has been the primary force behind the construction.
The upstairs bathroom. The shower curtain is pulled up so it looks a little funny, but you get the idea. We had an electrician friend bend the conduit for the curtain rod. I think it turned out very well.And the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. Note to self, get some of those childproofing cabinet latchy things. Get several.

So...yeah, I'd like to think of it as the end, but really for me it's the beginning. Eli's part is coming to a close and now I have to start cranking out the curtains and home furnishings etc.